Learners support soup kitchen

The Feeding Centre in Okuryangava, which was founded 20 years ago by Pastor Antonio Manzambi to provide food to the children of the area, recently received a boost from three pupils of Windhoek Afrikaans Private School (WAP).
Luré Horn, Nika Celliers and Jana-Marie du Plessis, three grade 10 pupils, decided to support this centre as part of their community project.
Currently, the centre provides meals on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to more than 100 children. Manzambi and his daughter also support pregnant women and refugees who come looking for help. They help the community with, among other things, second-hand clothes and blankets, as they receive donations.
Horn, Celliers and Du Plessis handed out 120 sandwiches, fruit and soft drinks to the children every Monday for five weeks. The three raised the money to buy the food themselves by washing vehicles, bathing pets and walking. They also collected clothes, blankets and toys.
“Toys may not sound like something that is an urgent need, but every child deserves to be able to play and laugh. What lays forgotten in many houses warmed the hearts of the children of Okuryangava,” the three said.
The three WAP learners agree that the project was more than just “another school task” for them. They learned first-hand how privileged they are to have three meals every day, how liberating it is to do something for someone who can give nothing back to you, and also to give unconditionally.
Pastor Manzambi would like to provide one meal a day, seven days a week, to the children of the community, but due to a lack of money, this is currently not possible. Those that are able to assist, can contact Pastor Manzambi on 081 242 5595.