Two-year-old making a difference

Two-year-old Imara Bachler donated N$10000 to the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN), having made the donation in the name of her grandmother, Laina Manasse, who died of cancer in July last year.
According to her parents, Mandume and Selma Bachler, CAN supported them while granny Laina fought cancer. It meant a lot to the family that someone was there for them during that difficult time.
Due to Covid 19 restrictions, granny Laina was unable to celebrate her grandchild's first birthday with her. So she was very much looking forward to celebrating the second birthday with family and Imara, but sadly passed away before then.
In light of this, the Bachlers decided to celebrate Imara’s birthday, but they asked guests to make a donation for their daughter instead of gifts, which they would then donate to CAN.
Another factor in the decision to donate to CAN, was their appreciation for the CHICA Interim Home and the Chica Bear Project (a partnership project with Liberty Life Namibia) - both aimed at improving the lives of children with cancer.
Imara’s parents try to teach their daughter that it is better to give than to receive and consequently she decided to donate to children like herself.
CAN chief executive Rolf Hansen praised the family's gesture, saying it was humbling to see how even the youngest children can make a difference in their community.
The family hopes this story inspires Namibians to look after and care for each other.
“There are so many people in need. Do what you can with what you have,” Imara's mom said.
If you want to support the plight of children with cancer, visit