Griquas branded by Windhoek Draught

Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) announced the change in sponsoring brand for the Griquas Rugby Team from Tafel Lager to Windhoek Draught.
The Griquas will now formally be known as The Windhoek Draught Griquas, while the stadium will also now be known as Windhoek Draught Park.
According to Daniel Keulder, NBL Global Sponsorship and Events Manager, this change came into effect on 1 April 2022 with the start of the new contract. “With an internal shift in focus from Tafel Lager to the Windhoek Trademark in South Africa, it made sense to change the sponsoring brand to Windhoek Draught to support this shift.
“NBL has built up a fantastic relationship with Griquas Rugby under the Tafel Lager brand and would like to continue this relationship under the Windhoek Draught Brand for the coming year. The goal for this sponsorship is to speak to two passion points of consumers – Their love for great beer combined with the joy and passion for rugby,” Keulder said.