Sanlam awards bursaries

Internship intake programme kicks off
Sanlam announced the handover of bursaries and the first intake of the 2023 Sanlam Internship Programme, which will provide 15 students with the opportunity to launch their careers in the financial services industry and help them complete their work-integrated learning requirements.
“We all know that education plays a critical role in providing us with a road map for approaching life and enables us to make plans to improve our lifestyle,” said Sanlam’s Dr Evans Simataa.
“At the same time, we are all aware that not everyone has the means to afford the high cost of education. It is for this reason that Sanlam continues to invest in the education of those who are less fortunate and unable to pay for their children's education.”
Since the establishment of the bursary scheme in 2002, over 100 Namibian students have benefited from the programme. Over N$4 million has been invested in the programme and more than 20 bursary holders have been employed by Sanlam.
At the same time, Sanlam recognises that tertiary students are required to integrate work experience with theory, which led to the development of the Sanlam Internship Programme and offers young Namibians the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in a dynamic and supportive environment.
The programme is designed to expose interns to all aspects of the financial services industry, including risk management, investment management, financial planning, and customer service and, most importantly, ensure they graduate and gain the necessary skills to be game-changing professionals.
Since its inception, the programme has provided opportunities to over 50 students. Of these, more than 10 graduates who participated in the programme found employment with Sanlam.
Mia Muuaza, an intern from the class of 2022, said the internship provided her with work experience and work-integrated learning when she had none. “In addition, you obtain a sense of the company's culture and can build internal networks.”
Muuaza said she was able to develop various skills, including communication, interpersonal interaction, personal effectiveness, and creative problem-solving.
“The earth is a beehive, and although we all enter via the same entrance, what matters most is what you do once inside. This is something a wise person once said to me. As my work was noticed, I soon received an interview call, and I was ultimately selected for the position,” Muuaza said.