Championships return for another season

The highly anticipated 13th edition of the Agra Weaner Championship Series is ready to kick off, creating a stir among cattle farmers nationwide. From Karasburg to Grootfontein, a total of 18 auctions will be held between 9 July and 5 September, providing a platform for producers to showcase their exceptional work.
Furthermore, four auctions will be hosted in the communal areas of Aminus, Okondjatu, Talismanus, and Okakarara, to engage and uplift these emerging regions.
This series serves a dual purpose: fostering capacity within participating communities and recognizing top producers for their outstanding achievements. Not only does it inject significant cash flow into numerous cattle farmers, but it also promotes excellence in weaner quality.
Participation in the series offers producers the opportunity to benchmark and refine their production standards and management practices on a national scale. Judging criteria are standardised to ensure fairness and impartiality.
Animals compete in one of three categories: Feedlot Potential (Tollies), Field Potential (Tollies), or Breeding Potential (Heifers).
In addition to honouring top performers in each category, the Agra Weaner Championship Series acknowledges the contributions of buyers. Prizes are bestowed for the highest amount spent during the series and for the largest total number of animals purchased throughout the auctions.
Prizes will be awarded to the top three winners in each competition category, with distributions taking place at each auction during the series. The pinnacle of the event will be the announcement of regional winners and overall champions at a gala event in October.
The series embodies inclusivity and showcases the exceptional quality of Namibian cattle production. Achieving recognition in this competition demands an unwavering commitment to excellent farming and management practices.
Agra extends gratitude to its official event partners for their invaluable support: Bank Windhoek, Santam, Sanlam, Feedmaster, Corporate Guarantee, Indongo Toyota and Hino Indongo, Agribank, Vivo Shell, Africa Commercial Vehicles, KyronAgri, TrenTyre, Gondwana Collection, Karan Beef, AfricaOnline, and Rhodes.