Art finds a new home

The new building of the Namibian Arts Association (NAA) was reopened in the capital recently, where all kinds of art will be housed and exhibited: Paintings, sculptures, woodcuts and photographs are some of the works of art that can be found here.
The NAA is currently exhibiting around 30 selected works, but still has 1 500 treasures in its trove.
The gates to 122 Robert Mugabe Avenue, where the NAA is located, were also designed by artists. The bigger one right in front of the entrance is called "Breath of Namibia" and was designed by Quinn Goses, a local artist whose work won a competition.
The NAA is all about investing in artists and giving them the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.
Since the reopening, this gate has been open to everyone to visit the current exhibition and those coming in the future.
At the opening, it was emphasized that art depicts a lot, especially the history of Namibia. In the 1970s, for example, the focus of the association was more on European art, although today the focus is clearly on Namibia and its artists.
This also underlines the concept: The building will host regularly rotating exhibitions to accommodate more of NAA’s existing collection. On the one hand, this preserves the art, but on the other, it also ensures that the public has access to it.
The space is intended to be a contact point for artists where they can freely explore their creativity. That's why film evenings, fashion shows and performing arts are on the cards in the future.
A café or bistro is set to open at the site in May.
The NAA’s new website is now also active, where virtual tours of current and upcoming exhibitions can be seen.