EES & Oteya release hot new hit

When last have we seen or heard of a brand new collaboration with two of Namibia’s “first generation” of legendary artists?
With Oteya taking a break from the music industry and starting her family, she is now back in full swing, teaming up with EES, who has been releasing and pushing his music career since we got to hear from him the first time around 18 years ago.
“Yes, time flies when you’re having fun, and the same one can say about our new collaboration,” he says. The song’s sweet Afro-Beat sound quickly gets you nodding your head and pulls you into Oteya’s smooth voice.
The song talks about a couple’s relationship when they are newly in love and enjoying each other’s company.
The song has an uplifting vibe with the addition of brass horns playing a catchy tune
Check out the clip yourself here: