Japanese films on One Africa

Two Japanese films will be broadcast on One Africa Television in the coming days.
This is part of the agreement that was signed between the broadcaster and the Japan Foundation in collaboration with Embassy of Japan.
About the films
• The first film is the anime Black Jack (broadcast on Saturday 4 June at 14:30). Black Jack is an unlicensed albeit brilliant doctor who performs surgery in exchange for large sums of money. They even say his scalpel skills are superhuman. With Pinoko, his small partner, Black Jack tackles a succession of difficult cases using his skills with the scalpel.
• Then, on Sunday 5 June at 17:00, the documentary Explore Japan 2021 is aired. Japan continues to thrive as it incorporates cultural elements of music, fashion, cuisine, sports, arts and science from around the world. People’s encounters trigger the fusion of Japan’s and the world’s diverse cultures, producing a myriad of phenomena and events. This series features how various cultures in modern Japan and overseas blend together and influence each other.
The shows are broadcast on One Africa on DSTV Channel 284, GoTV 90 and DSTV Now.