King TD paves the way for brand endorsements

King TD (Martin Morocky) sealed an endorsement deal with GWM Motors Haval, which will continue for the next six months.
At the signing, Dealer Principal Pupkewitz GWM Bianca Weakley welcomed this initiative, eluding to the importance of partnerships with those with a great social influence. “Times are changing and it is important to be relevant with our customers in the digital world. King TD has safeguarded his brand and this is the best option to ensure that both brands live up to its expectations.”
This is not the first endorsement for King TD; amongst others, he recently also signed a partnership with Standard Bank Namibia.
“It is a huge responsibility to look for smart partnerships that can benefit both brands,” King TD said. “I am humbled that after two decades in the industry, my brand is still relevant and can be trusted with so many risks that are prevalent. I appreciate the belief and support by Haval Namibia for showing entrepreneurs such as myself, that brands can be a source of income with mutual benefits,” he said.
This partnership was facilitated by Poiyah Media which saw the potential of brand endorsement through its client Mshasho, who sourced an agency to ensure safeguarding an influential brand. King TD will be endorsement monetarily and afforded the car to be used at public appearances during said period of endorsement.