Namibian artists exhibit in London

Guns & Rain and StArt Art Gallery are currently presenting Muzivi Wenzira, an exhibition of artworks by seven artists from Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe in Notting Hill, London.
Based in South Africa and Namibia respectively, these two galleries share a focus on contemporary art from Southern Africa. The shared histories of these artists and the socio-political contexts that they inhabit provide the varied and rich background for the artworks on display.
From Namibia, artists Nicky Marais, Actofel Ilovu, and Libita Sibungu, are showing paintings, mixed media works and drawings. From Zimbabwe, we have Sky Salanje and Isheanesu Dondo, and from South Africa Thina Dube and Aneesah Girie.
‘Muzivi Wenzira’, which translates from chiShona to ‘s/he who uses a footpath’, alludes in part to the long yet not always easy journey that artists take over the course of their careers. The title also points toward the larger context that each of the artworks on display sits within.
This exhibition has been made possible with support from Mosi O Tunya Gallery.