Social protection in the spotlight

#NoOneLeftOutArtExhibition opens
The Activist School, which is the brainchild of the Economic & Social Justice Trust, held a workshop for aspiring activists on the concepts of social protection to reflect on why so many Namibians continue to be severely affected by poverty and inequality, and to identify concrete actions to fill the social protection gaps.
The workshop touched on the Universal Basic Income Grant (BIG), which has been identified by 130 pilot studies across the world, and in Otjivero, to be by far the most efficient way through which to reduce widespread poverty – a scheme necessary for a minimal decent existence for many poor Namibians.
From that workshop, the young activists – with the help of Frans Nambinga – created paintings that reflect how a Universal BIG scheme could be a lifesaver for the 1.6 million Namibians who struggle to survive daily.
These paintings will now be exhibited in the Havana informal settlement.
Nambinga, an accomplished artist who started the Frans Nambinga Arts Studio & Training Centre where he teaches disadvantaged youth art techniques, will also exhibit his work alongside the young activists that reflects on poverty in Namibia.
The exhibition opens on Saturday at 12:00 at the Frans Nambinga Arts Studio & Training Centre in Havana, behind Usave Supermarket and Monte Christo Primary School Project, Erf 448 Zambia Street.
The idea behind the exhibition is to deepen and broaden the BIG conversation among the Havana informal settlement residents.
The exhibition can be viewed until 23 April 2022 and entrance is free.
For more information, contact Nambinga on 081 314 6257 or Rinaani Musutua on 081 561 5191.