BAN hosts financial literacy media engagement

The Bankers Association of Namibian (BAN) hosted professionals from various media houses for a financial literacy initiative themed Finance for Non-Financial Managers Training earlier this week.
Given that Bank Windhoek is the current chairing financial institution, the event started with a presentation by the Chief Economist at Capricorn Asset Management, Floris Berg, who spoke about the fundamentals and functions of the economy.
Bank Windhoek’s Executive Officer of Retail Banking Services and Specialist Finance, James Chapman, delivered a basic understanding of the banking sector, while the bank’s Chief Financial Officer, Zenaune Kamberipa, shared ideas on how the media can read financial statements to report well when writing financial news articles.
BAN’s chief executive Brian Katjaerua, expanded on the role of the association.
The event concluded with Afra Schimming-Chase giving several financial literacy presentations. She focused on the importance of wellness tools to improve financial positions. Bank Windhoek's Marketing and Corporate Communication Services Executive Officer, Jacqueline Pack, hosted the event.
BAN was established in 1997 as the representative trade association for the commercial banking sector in the country. BAN acts as a medium for communication with the government, the Bank of Namibia as the regulator, and other public bodies and authorities, by engaging with them on matters affecting the different activities of banks. Through BAN, members deal with non-competitive issues that are of common interest.
BAN also allows the member banks to discuss critical matters to ensure absolute fairness to the banking public. The event focused on the importance of open communication and dialogue, which the attendees appreciated the most.