Transparency key to integrated reporting – Nuyoma

Capricorn Group, in collaboration with GreymatterFinch, hosted an Investor Relations Workshop spotlighting New Generation Reporting, a pivotal theme in today's corporate landscape in the capital on Tuesday.
Attended by representatives from diverse sectors including listed companies, private firms, and state-owned entities, the event highlighted the growing demand for transparency and accountability.
CEO David Nuyoma underscored the importance of integrated reporting in fostering transparency and accountability, emphasizing the need for organizations to adapt to evolving stakeholder expectations. Capricorn Group's own journey in integrated reporting since 2016 reflects their commitment to sound governance and transparency, evolving to meet changing stakeholder needs.
The workshop featured a distinguished panel sharing insights on various aspects of the reporting landscape and the role of boards in shaping reporting practices. Nuyoma urged participants to embrace the integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals into mainstream reporting, stressing the collective responsibility of organizations in shaping a sustainable future.
Loshni Naidoo, Chief Sustainability Officer at the JSE, highlighted the market's role in driving sustainable value creation, emphasizing the importance of integrating long-term perspectives to mitigate risks and foster financial stability.
Hymli Krige and Annie de Beer from GreymatterFinch delved into the evolving role of corporate boards and the transition from traditional reporting to digital platforms, reflecting the changing reporting landscape.
Ruan Bestbier, Capricorn Group's Head of Sustainability, moderated a panel discussion on future-fit sustainability reporting. Joined by Emilie Iyambo from GIPF, Jaco Visser from Gondwana Collection, and Robin Hollmann from Deloitte Africa, the panelists provided diverse perspectives on sustainability reporting and strategies.
The workshop concluded with a call for organisations to embrace New Generation Reporting, adapting to evolving stakeholder expectations and contributing to a sustainable future. With a focus on transparency, accountability, and sustainability, organizations can navigate the dynamic reporting landscape and drive positive change for generations to come.