New distributor for Motul products in Namibia

Opportunity meets passion
While the Namibian market has held potential, it has taken a true Motul believer to turn it into an opportunity.
John Simpson’s appointment as the official Motul distributor in Namibia represents an important milestone in Motul’s African expansion plans. It is also excellent news for vehicle owners in the country who share his passion.
John demonstrates his faith in Motul’s product range by offering oil analysis and assisting customers in understanding the health of their fleet. He also initiated multiple dealership activations as part of his strategy to persuade retailers to stock and recommend Motul’s premium motor oils and additives.
John also has partnerships with leading dealerships in the pipeline that will be announced in due course.
Following the signing of the distribution contract and the arrival of the first stock order early last year, John hit the ground running. He has already notched up a series of significant firsts in his efforts to make Motul products more widely known and more easily available.
“I’m delighted to have this opportunity to contribute to the expansion of Motul’s African footprint, and to give Namibian motorists and heavy-duty fleet owners increased access to the world’s finest synthetic oils and additives,” John says.
Prior to his involvement, there was only limited stock of Motul products in Namibia and almost no retail opportunities for motorists or bikers. The first phase of the roll-out involved identifying dealers that already had some familiarity with the Motul brand and helping them branch out from using Motul oils and additives in-house to selling them.
Growth opportunities
“Namibia offers excellent growth opportunities for Motul, as well as the chance to prove our products against some of Africa’s toughest terrain and conditions,” says Mercia Jansen, Motul Area Manager for Southern and Eastern Africa.
“Motul has complete confidence that in John we have found the ideal partner to promote the Motul brand in Namibia. We wish him every success in his new venture,” she adds.
Passion for motor sports is a family occupation for John and his sons, John Daniel and Keanan. They participate in the local Enduro racing scene from the Impi in South Africa to races across Namibia, including events from Kupferberg and Gobabis to Karibib, Uis and Mariental. These events are highlights of the Namibian Enduro calendar and provide ideal opportunities to demonstrate the performance of Motul products in Namibia’s uniquely challenging off-road conditions.
The Simpsons’ love of the outdoors led to a keen interest in the annual Dakar Rally. This in turn led to his initial contact with Motul. Growing business opportunities have involved the whole family, with his sons assisting with responsibilities ranging from client relations, social media marketing and creative media design to admin and accounting.
For a brand that has a decades-long association with motorsports, John’s commitment to youth development and competitor sponsorship should come as no surprise. Richie Slamet, an up-and-coming Namibian karting star, was chosen as the first sponsored driver. His new-look kart, featuring iconic Motul branding, was unveiled in late last year at an event at the Tony Rust Racetrack in Windhoek.
To connect with John Simpson at Motul in Namibia, email [email protected] or call/message him via WhatsApp on 081 129 4044. You can also follow Motul in Namibia on Facebook or Motul in Namibia on Instagram.
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