Police issue warning after Cimbebasia attack

Following the attack of a woman walking through a dip early on Tuesday morning in Cimbebasia by four unknown men, the Namibian Police Force has cautioned the public to be extra vigilant.
In a video clip of the incident that has been circulating, one can witness the woman being attacked and robbed of her belongings shortly after 6 AM.
While the police said they are intensifying crime prevention operations, “robberies are very unpredictable and thus the broader public is cautioned to be vigilant," the police said in a media statement. The force urged victims to report robbery cases for the purpose of investigation and identification of robbery-prone areas.
Furthermore, the force shared the following tips:
• Common sense is one's best defence against any attack. Therefore avoid places, times and circumstances that create a risky situation.
• Know the neighbourhoods where you work and live;
• Always be award of your surroundings, try to stick to well-lit areas and try not to walk in remote areas at night.
• Avoid riverbeds, bushes and passages when it is dark;
• If you are in trouble or feel you are in danger, don't be afraid to seek help in any way you can; scream, yell or run away to safety.