Maltas continue empowering youngsters

Since inception in 2011, the Maltas Club Namibia has prided itself in supporting and empowering young Namibians, especially the underprivileged, through various educational and community initiatives across the country.
One of the programmes the group is passionate about is the Triple Kᶟ (//Kharas, Khomas, and Kavango regions) Empower Education initiative in partnership with German friends that kicked off last week.
Answering the call to support the Namibian child with stationery and learning materials, the club joined forces with its partners in Germany and raised N$22 388.24 to support the Suiderlig Senior Secondary School in Keetmanshoop as well as the Môreson Special School in Khomasdal with stationery and hygiene products.
At the Môreson Special School, 162 learners were provided with stationery and hygiene products. Here Prof Julia Augart from Germany said that she is proud of what this special school for the cognitively impaired has achieved so far and that she has no doubt that the donation will go a long way.
Môreson principal Anita Kreft shared the importance of taking interest in learners with special needs (specifically cognitively challenged learners), and that Namibians should get more involved in special needs education, as these learners need support on a daily basis.
She added that sadly Namibia’s social-economic setup does not cater to people with intellectual impairments and that we as a nation are encouraged to change our mindset.
The project will be rolled out to the Kavango region later in the year.