Online learning for remote schools continues

With Covid 19 showing us that we can learn from anywhere with some good internet access and tools, many schools took to online learning, while some were left behind.
Since 2018 EduVision has been on a quest to change this narrative and make online learning more accessible.
In light of the work EduVision carries out, the Capricorn Foundation announced its ongoing support of the organisation, with a further contribution of N$540 000 to ensure that EduVision can continue with its online learning service and that more learners from remote schools can benefit from their services.
The EduVision Online Learning (EOL) project and platform connects remote high schools to the internet, offering effective interactive classroom teaching in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology within the known environment and community, helping to improve senior secondary results on AS levels, equipping the school with modern e-learning techniques to transform schools into modern learning environments.
“Currently, the project focuses on connecting remote schools with reliable and high-speed internet, Zoom sessions, workshops, e-learning software, modern smartboard technology, and interactive lesson presentations (visual, audio, and interactive writing). Lessons are also recorded using Panopto and stored in the Amazon Cloud, where the project schools and their learners have access to at any time and place,” said, Frikkie Louw, the EOL project owner.
Officially launched in 2018, EduVision initially provided this support to ten schools in remote areas. In the meantime, EduVision has added five more schools, bringing the total to 5 800 grade 8 to 12 learners directly benefiting from this project.
“EduVision has been a success in our daily lives as it has become a major source of information. Watching recorded lessons and videos on YouTube has aided our understanding. We can view practicals, pictures and videos, which often provide different angles of understanding content. It helps us overcome our challenges as learners,” one learner said.
Schools now part of the EOL programme are Tsumkwe Secondary School at Tsumkwe, Cornelius Goreseb Secondary School at Khorixas, Waterberg Junior Secondary School outside Okakarara and Okakarara Senior Secondary School, Gam Secondary School, Epukiro Post Secondary School, Himarwa Ithete Senior Secondary School, SI/Oaseb Senior Secondary School, PI Groendewaldt Secondary School, and Pioneer Secondary School (Schlip)
Oshaango Combined School, Epember Secondary School, Elundu Combined School, Leevi Hakushember Secondary School and Kandjimi Murangi Secondary School have also joined the project.
“In the times we live in, these forward-thinking projects go a long way in helping and growing our country. The Capricorn Foundation is proud to partner with visionaries in the market who have already anticipated a future that might require a different way of learning,” said Marlize Horn, Executive Officer: Capricorn Foundation.