Six-month internship for young graduates

With the employment challenges faced by recent graduates in the country, Old Mutual Namibia saw the need to play its part in easing this burden the nation faces by inviting them to apply for a chance to gain market-related skills to better position themselves for the job market.
Over 400 graduates applied of which Old Mutual Namibia was able to select 20 graduates. They are Adeline Kakomwa, Karischa Schmidt, Maria Ndivayele, Ru-Waldo Beukes, Martin Kariko, Halleluya Ndimulunde, David Ndakukamo, Angy Uumati, Ashley McNab, Hilya Indongo, Marcell Maslengele, Abraham Eita, Nandjabi Mirjam Hamukoto, Caroline Garises, Tupopila Pilatus, Moira Eichas, Uakataviza Kaavara, Annalisa Nghiiteka, Munionganda Kaujeua and Laimi Joseph.
They all started applying their skills at the financial institution on 1 May 2022.
To ensure that the graduates can benefit from the diverse environment that Old Mutual Namibia offers, each of them has been placed in various departments within the organisation. The aim is to ensure that the graduates can leverage their knowledge and apply it within the organisation whilst also learning new skills.
“Old Mutual Namibia recognizes that there are thousands of graduates sitting at home who have not had the opportunity to get the much-needed exposure to the working world,” says Toini Muteka, Old Mutual Namibia’s Human Capital Executive. “Therefore, as a responsible corporate citizen, we decided to help bridge this gap by offering 20 graduates the opportunity to get hands-on experience of what the working world entails along with the ability to practice what they have learned. Through this, they can discover themselves in the working professional set-up. Likewise, we want to provide them with exposure to the various career opportunities available in the working world.”
Someone who can relate with the journey the graduates are faced with is Old Mutual Namibia’s Group CEO, Tassius Chigariro, who is a product of Old Mutual internship programme. Having been provided a chance by Old Mutual, he is very pleased to be offering the same opportunity to the young Namibian graduates.
“If it was not for Old Mutual, I don’t think I would be where I am today. The best way of saying thank you is to give back. There is a need for us as corporates to provide new graduates with the exposure of the work environment. Additionally, this is an opportunity for us to also contribute to the government’s efforts in growing and developing our talent. This is a great day at Old Mutual Namibia as we welcome these young talents.”