Avis now more accessible to wheelchair-bound

Tanja Bause
Tanja Bause
The pathway paved at the Avis Dam for wheelchair users and people who have difficulty walking has been extended by 60 meters.
Chairperson of the non-governmental organisation Greenspace that manages the dam's environment, Vera Freyer, says that they laid the first section with paving from the transition of the sluice to the dam wall. “In 2017, we extended the pathway over the dam wall, which made the whole route about 500 meters long. Along the route are couches where people can sit and enjoy nature, the dam and surrounding mountains. The path makes the dam accessible to people in wheelchairs and also people who have difficulty walking.
“Now we have decided to extend the path by another 60 meters on the north side of the dam. This gives our elderly and physically handicapped visitors an even wider view of the area. There is already a bank and the north side gives people a very different view than from the dam wall. It is also the side where the water flows in when the river flows.”
Freyer hopes more elderly persons and people in wheelchairs will use the trail to get out into nature for a bit.
“There are guards during the day from 07:00 to 19:00 in the summer and from 07:00 to 18:00 in the winter, and the dam is safe during these times. Come out for a bit and enjoy an outing!”