Calling on tree award nominations

In celebration of Arbour Day on 14 October, the Botanical Society (BotSoc) presents Tree Awards and Certificates of Recognition to any person, company, organisation, school or establishment that goes out of their way to save and protect indigenous trees.
In light of this, BotSoc now calls on nominations for these awards and certificates.
To make a nomination, the society needs the name of the person / company / organisation / school / establishment; a brief description of the nomination; the locality of the site (physical address); and one or more pictures, if possible.
Any person, member or non-member, may make one or more nominations that can be sent to Barb Curtis at [email protected] before Tuesday 6 September 2022. Enquiries can be directed to 081 222 8686.
Some previous winners include Jaco Wasserfall /Munting Architects; Dr Sydney Memorial College at Omatala Village; and Die Boomhuis Coffee Shop, Windhoek.