GCF regional dialogue kicks off today

The Green Climate Fund’s (GCF) Regional Dialogue with Africa takes place in the capital from today until Friday.
Hosted by the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism that serves as the National Designated Authority to the Green Climate Fund and in partnership with the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF), this dialogue brings together National Designated Authorities and accredited Direct Access Entities (DAEs) from all African countries, as well as relevant international Accredited Entities and other GCF partners, to provide a platform for stakeholders to accelerate their engagement with the GCF.
The dialogue aims at facilitating peer-to-peer learning based on experience and best practices, and identifying climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives, thereby strengthening the impact of GCF in the region. It also focuses on advancing programming through the development of project ideas for pipelining at national and regional levels as well as strengthening the capacity of DAEs to develop robust project proposals.
The dialogue also serves as an opportunity for GCF to learn from stakeholders on their priorities, challenges, and recommendations in terms of working with GCF, while also fostering collaboration among stakeholders.
Government is confident the dialogue will yield fruitful deliberations for enhanced access to funding for climate change actions in Africa.