German grant for Wakapinya Environmental Education

Wakapinya Environmental Education is set to receive €34 200 from the German Foreign Office’s climate fund to implement a project that will create awareness of environmental and climate issues amongst the youth of Namibia.
The project aims to sensitize young people and learners about the environment and its challenges, and also to provide them with information about the climate in general and climate change in particular.
The organisation will produce the online “Youth Enviro Show”, which will transfer knowledge and awareness. It will air twice a month on social media platforms including Facebook and YouTube.
The online show, which will be hosted in various Namibian languages, also provides a platform called “Clubhouse” for the audience and through this, gives interested parties the chance to discuss current affairs.
Additional to the online show, a roadshow will be conducted at three different schools in the Khomas, Omaheke and Hardap regions. This roadshow will introduce “Enviro Warriors Clubs” at the selected schools, which will initiate a gardening and tree planting activity at the respective schools and in surrounding communities.
Furthermore, learners and any interested youth will be taught to create crafts through recycling materials. This will give them a better understanding of sustainability and teach them more about the concept of reducing, reusing and recycling.
These items can be sold for an income.
Wakapinya Environmental Education was founded by 28-year-old Ester Haikola, who hails from the north of Namibia. With enthusiasm and commitment for both education and the environment, and whilst working as a teacher, she discovered that many young people and learners were not environmentally conscious. This sparked the idea to establish her NGO to raise awareness about environmental issues.
Haikola and her co-members of Wakapinya Environmental Education are qualified in the field of environment and education. Together they share a strong commitment to protecting the environment and transferring their expertise to the youth. This makes them a perfect fit to pass on their knowledge.