Help say goodbye to invasive species on Saturday

Tanja Bause
Tanja Bause
Windhoekers are invited to help remove invasive plants in a riverbed in Olympia on Saturday.
“We may have had nothing to do with the spread of the invasive plants, but we can lend a hand in protecting the native habitat,” reads the call from the Namibian Environment & Wildlife Society (NEWS) about the gathering on Saturday at 09:00 in the riverbed at the Robert Mugabe and Sean McBride circle.
“Cacti, stink leaf, Madagascar rubber ivy and other invasive plants are taking over our natural plants and environment, and we must assist before we lose our Namibian biodiversity. As long as the Cactus Clean-Up organisation receives funds, their workers can continuously remove such plants, but occasionally they need help,” NEWS said.
Those who have a heart for the environment can join Cactus Clean-Up and NEWS members on Saturday to help. Remember to bring along garden shears, buckets, strong gloves, cardboard boxes, sturdy shoes, a hat and sun block, as well as drinking water and a snack to keep your energy and sugar levels high.