Newly planted trees being stolen

The City of Windhoek (CoW) has observed with concern the theft of newly planted plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs throughout the city. Notably, all trees and shrubs planted along Independence Avenue in celebration of Arbour Day 2023 were illegally uprooted and stolen. This deliberate removal of greenery intended to enhance public spaces is a setback in ongoing efforts to beautify the city.
In a media release issued by the CoW, it was stated that, “as a city, we are dedicated to creating a more vibrant and aesthetically pleasing environment for our residents. The diligent work and dedication of our team in planting and maintaining these green spaces aim to enhance the quality of life for everyone in our community. Unfortunately, the recurring incidents of theft severely hinder our progress.”
In light of this, the CoW asks for the support and cooperation of all residents in preserving these communal efforts. “The removal or theft of planted greenery not only obstructs the city's beautification initiatives but also undermines the sense of community and pride we aim to foster among our residents. We implore everyone to respect the hard work and resources invested in these public spaces for the benefit of all. Together, let us safeguard our city's beauty and foster a community that cherishes and respects the green spaces that contribute to the essence of our home.”
Community members are urged to report any suspicious activity related to the theft of planted greenery to the City Police at 061-302-302 or send an SMS to 4444.