Share your pics of cheetahs, leopards

Claudia Reiter
Did you know that there is no reliable information about the number of cheetahs and leopards in Etosha National Park?
In light of this, the Ongava Research Centre calls on visitors to the park to take part in a survey by sharing photos and sightings of cheetahs and leopards. "Your contribution is invaluable for understanding and protecting these legendary cats," the centre said.
"The pictures will be uploaded to the African Carnivore Wildbook, where artificial intelligence will help us identify the animals. The data will then be evaluated to create population estimates. A database of individuals of the two species will also be created as a basis for future surveys."
Flyers and posters can be found at the reception desks and at the entrance gates to the park. “If you visit Etosha National Park between 1 June 2024 and 31 May 2025, please report your cheetah and leopard sightings to us via our online portal