Six white rhinos successfully translocated

Claudia Reiter
The Rhino Momma Project recently successfully relocated six white rhinos.
A key focus of the project's conservation efforts is to save rhinos from extinction by increasing rhino populations and genetic diversity through reproduction.
“Our charity's long-term vision has always been to relocate the rhino calves that are born on the reserve to their former home ranges and to other protected areas where they can form new populations,” the project said.
Globally, habitat loss poses one of the greatest threats to the endangered rhino. Swamps, forests, wetlands, and savannahs are just a few of the habitats being cleared to make way for the ever-growing human population.
“Without a clear and concise plan to conserve our rapidly declining wildlife populations, we risk more species becoming extinct in our lifetime.”
To ensure the safety of the rhinos, the area where they were relocated cannot be identified.