Two decades of glass, metal, plastic and charcoal eliminated

Claudia Reiter
The Amphitheater Dune was left in pristine condition following the recently concluded Camp Out Dune Fest '23.
The festival, with around 1 000 revellers waiting for the New Year, took place just outside Swakopmund, at the so-called Sekelduin, also known as the Amphitheater.
Despite concerns from local businesses and environmentalists, the site was subsequently properly cleaned.
Unfortunately, this did not seem to be the case at a similar event almost 20 years ago, whereupon rubbish was still lying around.
Plug and Play organisers said: “Together we set out to restore the beauty of our environment.”
The organisers have committed to cleaning up a historic problem area in the dune, where remnants of past events have accumulated. “As promised, we have put together a team led by Stefan van Wyk, who played a crucial role in the logistics of last year's NYE Dune Fest campout. Over many hours, we painstakingly removed two decades of glass, metal, plastic and charcoal that were buried deep in the sand.”