Volunteers needed to protect desert-adapted elephants

Claudia Reiter
The elephant protection organisation EHRA (Elephant Human Relations Aid) announced the start of this year's volunteer project. “Our volunteer project offers a unique experience! It’s a chance to join our team and like-minded people who share your love of nature, travel and protecting our majestic elephants,” said EHRA.
The volunteer project to protect desert-adapted elephants provides valuable labour for the construction of protective walls and also provides the necessary financial resources to build these walls. The volunteer project also provides funding for regular patrols in the area, where volunteer groups support EHRA staff in monitoring the elephants and assessing the condition of the walls already constructed. "Volunteers can gain practical experience in conservation and have a direct impact on promoting a peaceful relationship between elephants and humans, thereby securing their livelihoods."
Volunteering is about providing direct, practical support to communities by building protective walls around watering holes while learning about wildlife conservation. The project requires a minimum two-week commitment, and the project is divided into two parts – Construction Week and Patrol Week.
During the first week, protective walls are built around water pumps, tanks and windmills to ensure the elephants have access to water without damaging the infrastructure. In the second week, the various elephant herds are tracked and the database is updated about their movements.
Would you like to make a difference for the desert elephants in Namibia? Email [email protected] to secure your spot.