Wild horses looking good

New borehole needed
Good news from the Garub area is that all the wild horses there are in good condition. “Even the foals are thriving thanks to the rains which fell in September 2023,” says Dr Telane Greyling.
She adds that there is still enough grass to last a while, perhaps even a year, and plenty in places the horses have not even started grazing as yet.
“However, our priority now is the need to find and bore a new water source for Garub 2 which feeds the viewpoint waterhole. The water supply is not sufficient for all the wildlife that uses this waterhole and the Ministry of Environment is currently bringing water to replenish the tanks every day.”
In light of this, the Namibia Wild Horses Foundation is appealing to the public to assist in helping finance the reboring of a new water source. “All this is being done with approval by the Ministry of Environment, and has now become a matter of urgency,” Greyling said.
For more info contact Greyling on [email protected] or make a donation to the Namibia Wild Horses Foundation, First National Bank, Klein Windhoek, Acc 622 466 594 89, and email details of your deposit to [email protected]