Celebrating women to amplify progress

International Women's Day commemorated
Letshego Bank, in collaboration with Exquisite Conferencing, recently hosted an event in the capital, honouring International Women's Day.
The gathering reflected on women's achievements, progress and opportunities, bringing together phenomenal women from diverse backgrounds and industries. The aim was to foster positive dialogue, invest in women's progress, and contribute to the betterment of communities.
Minister in the Presidency Hon. Christine //Hoabes, began the conference by reflecting on her career journey and celebrating the collective achievements of Namibian women, particularly in parliament. She commended Namibia's commitment to gender equality, with the country ranking 17th globally and 2nd in Africa for female parliamentary representation.
The keynote speaker, Karen Abercrombie, an award-winning actress and singer-songwriter known for her role in the film War Room, inspired attendees to embrace their unique gifts. Abercrombie encouraged women to become experts in their talents and avoid comparisons, emphasizing the importance of authenticity.
The conference featured insights from six remarkable women, including Dr Ester Kali, CEO of Letshego Bank, who highlighted the importance of gender equality and the pillars of women's empowerment: wisdom, worth, and wealth. Dr Kali stressed the need for an additional U$360 billion annually to achieve global gender equality, with the potential to boost GDP per capita by 20%.
Other speakers included Ms Rosalia Martins-Hausiku, CEO of Motor Vehicle Accident Fund, who discussed leading with integrity, and Dr Martha Uumati, Managing Director of Erongo Marine Enterprises, who emphasised authenticity in leadership. Ms. Mutindi Lydia Jacobs, a lawyer and serial entrepreneur, emphasized the importance of finding one's purpose.
Nellie Kangwa focused on internationalising a brand and cultivating global partnerships, while Olivia Kangandjela highlighted the significance of nurturing spirituality to address daily challenges.
The conference attracted over 250 influential women, fostering wisdom exchange and providing a platform for empowerment.
One participant, Ms. Hilma Tuyenikelago Uudhigu-Shikodhi, founder and director of Women Positive, expressed gratitude for the inspiring and informative speakers, stating that the event provided an empowering platform for women.