DHPS musical on stage

The gods host the Olympics
The gods on Mount Olympus are constantly fighting about who is the best, and their parents Hera and Zeus have had enough of the bickering.
So they decide to host an Olympiad.
The gods are sent to earth to prove themselves about who can lead mankind’s fortunes best and consequently, will be the better god.
Obviously, they all fail.
Therefore, Apollo’s muses decide to leave their gods and take matters into their own hands. And lo and behold, they succeed and manage to turn each human being into a unique individual.
The moral of this year’s musical by the DHPS is that when everyone works together, exceptional and unique things are created within a comprehensive, bigger picture: Unity in diversity.
Since the beginning of the school year, the participants have been rehearsing, singing, acting and making music. The ensemble consists of DHPS learners from grades 4 to 7, the theatre group, singers, drummers and a band of grown-ups – and they can’t wait to finally stage something wonderful again.
“Die Götterolympiade” is staged at the DHPS on Thursday, 15 September at 19:00. Entrance is free, donations are welcome, and a cash bar for snacks and drinks is available.