Expo ends on a high note

After three jam-packed days, the capital bade farewell to the 2022 edition of the Tourism Expo (TE).
The event, which attracted over 6 000 attendees, was hosted at Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW) in Windhoek, offering a moment of pride for the country’s recovering tourism sector and a spectacular platform for establishments to showcase their offerings.
A world-class setup - pioneering technology, music performances, children's attractions as well as innovative exhibition stands - heightened the spectacle, much to the amusement of thousands over the weekend.
The expo recorded 2 000 visitors on Thursday, 2 500 on Friday and 1 500 on Saturday, with 6 053 people attending in total.
“We gave away 260 vouchers - each worth N$1 000 - as cashback incentives to tourist establishments,” chief executive of host Namibia Media Holdings Albe Botha said. “The nominal value of bookings was over N$1.3 million, but with the discounts given by establishments through their own incentives of encouraging Namibians to visit our own country, visitors paid N$690 000. With the cashback, they paid N$430 000, effectively 30%. This initiative was a great success, the best of its kind in Africa.”
Exhibitors also showcased their tourism offerings at the expo.
“The 100 stands were rated 3 000 times by our visitors and Gondwana Collections was voted the most popular stand. South African electronic band Goodluck was beyond wow, and fit well into our theme for next year – ‘Tourism beyond borders’,” he added.
Speaking during the opening last week, deputy minister of environment, forestry and tourism Heather Sibungo said the expo serves as a platform for all stakeholders in the tourism industry to promote and market their products and services to each other and directly to consumers.
She urged industry players to boost destination competitiveness by improving pricing, service, facilities and packaging of experience offerings, and by developing new products.
“I am calling upon all of us to be mindful of the competition from other destinations in the region. Namibia should work hard, smart and collaborate at a national, regional, continental and global level to strengthen and improve the performance and attractiveness of our destination,” she said.