Fun, funky, functional – and found!

Exhibition opens on Friday
The Namibia Craft Centre felt that after the past two years of lockdown it was high time for something new. So, in order to stimulate the development of new craft products, it sought to revive the craft sector post-Covid and put out a call for fun, funky, functional products made from found objects.
Recognising that times are hard, the invitation was for ideas and prototypes of new products created from old. The invitation was open for products including corporate gifts, home décor / homeware and fashion accessories or any other innovative ideas that could attract either local or international buyers.
The Namibia Craft Centre’s vision is to drive innovation, promote new products and create new Namibian ranges for both local and foreign customers. The challenge for this exhibition was to design products that have marketing potential either as once-off commissions or as items that can be mass-produced.
Experienced trainers and craft marketers offered advice and product reviews to help ensure a good quality marketable end product. Marketing, promotional and sales opportunities will be made available for the products at the Namibia Craft Centre and on its website. Links will be made with retail outlets where possible for ongoing sales.
Prize money will be awarded to the best three, most marketable products with the most potential. Artisans were given two months to develop products for the competition that were judged and winners chosen by secret vote earlier this week.
They will be displayed at the exhibition in the Omba Gallery that opens on Friday (1 July) at 18:00. The exhibition can be viewed until 20 July.