I see a blood moon rising

Elvira Hattingh
Today's blood moon, which begins at 10:00 Namibian time, is only visible from North America, the Pacific region as well as Asia.
However, this is the last total lunar eclipse for the next three years. Namibians who want to watch the lunar eclipse will therefore have to do so online.
During today's eclipse, the entire moon will pass through the darkest part of Earth's shadow. This means the moon moves completely behind our planet, with the sun on the opposite side. This will give the moon a red colour - hence the reference to a "blood moon" - something that only happens during a total lunar eclipse.
The next total lunar eclipse will not take place again until 2025 and will only be partially visible from Namibia. However, partial lunar eclipses will occur in the meantime.
For the next total lunar eclipse that will be visible from the beginning to the end from Namibia, we will have to wait until 20 December 2029. For this lunar eclipse, Namibia is ideally situated to offer stargazers some of the best spectacles on earth.