Ndilula’s Komesho opens at NAA

Komesho, an exhibition by mixed-media artist Ndinomholo Ndilula, opened in the Namibian Arts Association gallery yesterday.
The collection explores Afro-futuristic storytelling through the medium of miniature figurine sculptures.
Ndilula began assembling these small figurines during lockdown as a resilience activity to distract himself and maintain his equilibrium. Long walks through the city provided the opportunity to find and collect small environmental objects. When these pieces of litter, or nature, were paired with plastic soldiers they became narrative protagonists as well as art objects.
The juxtaposition of the blue soldiers with elements such as twigs and leaves, metal remains, plastic and fabric pieces, bone and glass, as well as other found items serves to create a manufactured environment in which these figures can live and breathe.
The inner conflict expressed in this exhibition speaks to the reintegration of spent warriors into communities, their guns are now superfluous, and they clothe themselves in camouflage and disguise. They peep out from their new surroundings, weapons at the ready, but is the enemy there? "Am I safe? Can I put down my weapon?”
The exhibition can be viewed at the NAA gallery (122 Robert Mugabe Ave) until 28 July.