‘Sokkie’ for Side By Side

Claudia Reiter
Despite their disabilities, the children at the Side by Side Intervention Centre keep smiling.
The centre, a non-profit organisation that runs 24 different programmes to support children with disabilities across the country, hosts a “sokkie” at the MYNT Nightclub & Lounge on Saturday (17 September) in a bid to raise funds.
Oryx Properties Limited has sponsored Side By Side for the past three years and is supporting the fundraiser by covering the cost of renting the venue so that all money raised goes solely to the centre to support their work.
“Not only do we work with children, we also focus on their families and communities to ensure they are equipped with the necessary resources to work with their children,” Michelle Zeelie, a social worker at the centre, said.
“One of our projects that is close to our hearts is raising awareness on the issue of disability in Namibia in a bid to overcome the stigmatisation of people with disabilities. This fundraiser not only gives us an opportunity to raise money, it also provides an opportunity to break the stigma of disabled people.”
Music is provided by DJs Sergio, Ru and Fish. Tickets cost N$100 and are available on Side by Side's Pay Today. Alternatively, call 081 449 3786. Limited tickets are available.