Taking action against poverty

The #NoOneLeftIsLeftOutFestival is a free event that aims to mobilise Namibian artists and the public to unite in observing the 15th anniversary of the International Basic Income Grant Week (themed "Basic Income Grant is basic humanism) from 19 to 25 September 2022.
The festival itself takes place on Saturday, 24 September 2022 at Zoo Park’s Amphitheatre in the capital and features Cota Mushe, Ou Billem, Maranatha, Banger Drums, Tashen, Franklin, Tapz and Hartley Drums.
To freshen up the Namibian music scene, upcoming musicians also feature and they include Elle Mwanaka Chokwe, Namlife style, Star Keys, YMZ, Rock Star Wetu, Rap King, Gaddess, Ori, Cutty (cutti3), Mareo & SamZoo, Hosei Legitimate and Dope Dance Boys.
Other activities include a brass band performance, fashion show, children’s entertainment, traditional dances, poetry, drama, and SME stalls selling “Made in Namibia” beauty products, fashion, and traditional food.
“We are joining our voices to spread a call to action in the context of what we can do to leave no one behind by creating a poverty-free society. The hashtag is to remind President Geingob of the promise he made to the Namibian people in 2015 when he said he would ‘eradicate poverty’ and that ‘nobody in the Namibian house should be left out in the efforts to eradicate poverty’,” according to BIG’s media contact, Rinaani Musutua.
“The acts are youthful as we would like to use the opportunity to urge the Namibian youth to rally behind the BIG Coalition in the fight against poverty and to demand unconditional BIG as a right. With a 50% youth unemployment rate, it is mainly the youth who are affected by poverty and hence, should be the ones demanding humanitarian relief from the state. The event is free of charge for all,” Musutua said.
Humanitarian crisis
According to BIG, poverty levels in Namibia have become a humanitarian crisis in the past five years. “A shocking 1.6 million Namibians live in poverty, and the country has the second highest unemployment rate in the world. 1.5 million Namibians are constantly stressed about where they will get their next meal and need humanitarian aid. Namibia ranks as one of the world’s most unequal countries, second only to South Africa. Namibia’s outdated and ineffective inequality and poverty eradication measures have made very little impact on the current situation. The magnitude of inequality and poverty threatens our country’s peace, security and stability, as evident in the wave of crime engulfing us,” BIG said in a media statement.
Further: “International relations and the UN human rights experts have warned that poverty and inequality is the ultimate threat to peace and security currently facing humanity. They have warned that, if the poor are left hopeless, poverty would undermine societies through conflict, violence and civil disorder. To protect our society from being torn apart by social tensions, we urgently call on President Geingob to tackle the crisis with new and innovative measures such as the universal Basic Income Grant (BIG) of N$500/person/month for all Namibians aged 0-59. This has been scientifically validated to be by far the most efficient way to reduce poverty and inequality in Namibia.”
• 23 September 2022 @ 14:30: Panel Discussion from a Youth Perspective – Can the government afford a universal BIG? Tobias Hainyeko Community Centre (Onkugo Yepongo Community Hall)
Moderator: Claudios Riruako – Comrades Association; Speaker 1: Catherine Munsu – IUM Debate Chairperson; Speaker 2: Rui Tyitende – Political scientist; Speaker 3: Henok Meameno – Chairperson at Kalahari Rethinking Economics Society NUST); Speaker 4: Kozah Daniel – Business Strategy Consultant at Capital Base Consultancy
• 24 September 2022
12:00 Opening remarks
12:10 Oshiwaambo Cultural group
12:20 Clown Show for children
12:30 Kavango Cultural Group
12:40 Magic Show for children
12:50 Nama Cultural Group
13:00 oVahimba Cultural Group
13:10 BIG Messaging
13:15 DJ Doctor Love
13:25 Kiddies Fashion Show
13:45 Brass Band
13:55 Fashion Show
14:20 BIG Messaging
14:25 Youth Vibez DJ’s
Show Down
14:35 Star Keys
14:45 Rock Star
14:55 Good Soul
15:05 Dope Dance Boys
15:15 Youth Vibes DJ’s
15:25 BIG Messaging
15:30 / DJ Doctor Love
15:40 Cuty3 & Namlife Style
15:50 elle mwanaka chokwe
16:00 Franklin
16:10 Maranatha
16:20 Dope Dance Boys
16:30 BIG Messaging
16:35 Rap King
16:45 Mareo & SamZoo
16:55 Banger Drumz
17:05 Ori
17:15 Hartley Drums
17:25 Hozei Legitimate
17:35 BIG Messaging
17:40 Karabo
17:50 YMZ
18:00 Goddesss
18:10 Tapz
18:20 Tashen
18:30 Cota Mushe
18:40 Dj Youth Vibes & Dj Dr_Love
18:50 Aubrei & Thato Woki (Botswana)
19:10 Closing Remarks
19:15 DJ Youth Vibes
20:00 Closing & Departure