Tourism Expo truly reaches "Beyond Borders"

Frank Steffen
The 25th annual Tourism Expo came to an end on Friday.
Its success lay in the fact that that it has now been able to fully transcend from being a purely Namibian Tourism Expo into a regional event with especially the KAZA Park-countries – Angola, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe – being involved in one or other manner, be it stands or contributions to the seminars, if not both.
A host of South African stands as well as Malaysia and Indonesia were present too.
The Tourism Expo was held at the Windhoek Country Club from 24 to 26 April and recorded 5 142 visitors.
The “People’s Choice Stand of the Year” was Urban Massage Concept (, while Tourismus Namibia ( chose the exhibition stand of the Botswana High Commission as its Stand of the Year.