Wika kicks off 70th Windhoek carnival season

Frank Steffen
The Windhoek carnival kicked off on Saturday with the hosting of the Wika Kick-Off (previously previously Biwak) in the courtyard of the Old Brewery in the city centre, heralding the start of the Windhoek carnival season
Wika president Holger Mentzel and the rest of his team said they were looking forward to the 70th edition of Wika, which will be held in April under the motto “Applause, applause – full speed ahead”. The still reigning prince couple, Prince Reinhard 1, the iron rocker (Redecker), and his Princess Saskia 1, the lively chatterbox (Burmeister), also had their say.
Next on the programme is the Prinzenbal (Royal Ball) on Thursday, 4 April and the ceremonial session follows the next day. On Saturday 6 April at 11:11, the Wika street procession moves through the city and on to the SKW, where the usual morning pint, this time a beer festival, takes place.
Check out https://karneval-in-windhoek.com/ for more info.