MTC Windhoek Fashion Week announces 2024 dates

The biggest night in Namibian fashion
The eighth edition of MTC Windhoek Fashion Week set to elevate Namibian designers and promote accessibility in fashion.
Michael Kayunde
MTC Windhoek Fashion Week has announced the dates for its highly anticipated eighth edition, scheduled to take place from 6 to 9 November.
As Namibia’s premier fashion event, the four-day extravaganza promises to showcase the best of local design talent while promoting accessibility and retail opportunities within the fashion industry.
This year, MTC Windhoek Fashion Week is dedicated to fostering partnerships between Namibian designers and retail outlets, both locally and internationally. Under the theme of accessibility and retailing, the event aims to facilitate connections between designers and retailers, opening doors for Namibian fashion to reach broader markets.
"We believe that every Namibian designer deserves the opportunity to showcase their creativity and talent on both local and global stages. By focusing on accessibility and retailing, we aim to provide our designers with the platform and support they need to thrive in the fashion industry," director Luis Munana said.
Over the past year, MTC Windhoek Fashion Week has been actively engaging with clothing retailers, garnering interest from major players such as Edgars. With a retail buyer from that brand attending last year's event, there is a growing interest in sourcing from local designers, presenting an exciting opportunity for collaboration and exposure.
In addition to showcasing collections on the runway, MTC Windhoek Fashion Week is expanding its reach by facilitating participation in international fashion events such as Batho Fashion Week in Botswana and Durban Fashion Fair in South Africa. These initiatives aim to provide Namibian designers with networking opportunities to connect to diverse audiences. "We are committed to supporting the growth and development of the Namibian fashion industry," Munana said. "Through initiatives like runway collaborations with local artists and participation in international fashion events, we are creating pathways for Namibian designers to succeed on a global scale."
Designers interested in participating in this year's event can apply online at For artists interested in collaborating for runway music, inquiries can be directed to [email protected].