Living a purpose-driven life

True bravery lies in coming together, embracing your individuality, and being unapologetically yourself.
Henriette Lamprecht
It’s about those simple, yet profound moments. Being fully present with her family, feeling the rain on her skin during her evening runs and genuinely listing to those around her.
Living a purpose-driven life is what she’s all about, says motivational speaker Astrid O’Callaghan, making a difference even if it’s just brightening someone’s day. It’s all about human interaction, she says, because at our core we are social creatures.
“I thrive on those hallway hellos, the water-cooler banter, and catching up with colleagues about their weekends,” says Astrid who is currently doing her Masters in Organisational Psychology.
Living in Ireland with her young family has been a whirlwind adventure, with her "minions," aged 5 and 6, keeping her on her toes, and her husband of 10 years always by her side, cheering her on with every crazy idea she has.
She recently made the leap into a whole new industry after over a decade in the same field. And while she was used to being an absolute work horse she thinks she is finally understanding her purpose in life a little better now that she could slow down, reflect and reconsider her path.
People are her absolute passion and if she can share experiences or technical knowledge, Astrid is at her happiest.
She doesn’t label herself as a motivational speaker and her aim is simple – to give back in any way she can, sharing the wisdom she’s gained and pouring out her heart.
About a year ago, Astrid felt a pull to venture into hosting events aimed at inspiring others.
“It's not about being seen as a mere motivator. I'd much rather be known as someone striving to ignite change, to challenge conventional thinking, and to spark new perspectives. It's about making a meaningful impact, one conversation, one event at a time.”
Through her travels and encounters with people from all walks of life, Astrid has been privileged to hear countless stories that have left her in awe of the incredible resilience and bravery that exists in our world.
“Each tale left an indelible mark on me, igniting a fire within to step onto a stage and share these narratives of courage and triumph. I see it as a privilege to have been given the gift of listening and the platform to amplify the voices of others.”
She has always had this innate urge to give back and uplift others, says Astrid, a deep-rooted desire to extend a helping hand to others, to show them that bravery can move mountains.
They say it takes a village, and she’s passionate about creating a tribe, a community of women who lift each other up and inspire one another.
Her brainchild Be Brave is still in its infancy, taking small steps forward since its official launch last year. While social media has the immense potential to reach and inspire women across the world with just a few taps, two exciting live events are planned for this year in her homeland. One at the coast and one in Windhoek under this year’s theme Be Brave - Embrace your season. Seasoned international motivational speaker and business coach Elmarie Pretorius will deliver the keynote address, sharing invaluable insights on navigating life's different seasons. A local image consultant will also on hand to give guidance on discovering your personal style and share seasonal wardrobe tips.
The goal is to make these events an annual tradition, each year adding a little extra magic to ensure women are provided women with everything they need to flourish.
The Be Brave initiative will also be expanded with the introduction of the Ignite Leadership Workshop. Having navigated the corporate ladder across multiple countries and continents, Astrid has witnessed first-hand the critical importance of soft skills in effective leadership.
With Elmarie's invaluable expertise by her side, they will host a two-day workshop in October, taking place in both Swakopmund and Windhoek. “By equipping participants with practical tools and strategies, we're committed to nurturing the next generation of leaders in Namibia.”
Much of Be Brave revolves around sharing her personal journey, says Astrid as she can only speak and share her own experiences. As a career woman, a mother, and someone who wears many hats throughout the day, she’s become increasingly aware of the pressures placed on women.
“Be Brave represents a space where women can feel celebrated for who they are, exactly as they are. I envision a world where women can confidently say, ‘I choose to be a stay-at-home mom, and I excel at it,’ and receive applause just as enthusiastically as the career-driven mom who has a nanny for her children.”
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