The healing power of aromatherapy

When an animal receives alternative therapy, the pet parent receives the same therapeutic health support, whether it is emotionally or physically.
Henriette Lamprecht
Her household was constantly plagued by illness, doctors’ visits, chronic
antibiotics and medication. It felt like a never-ending battle and in
desperation, Jolandie Koen prayed to God to enable her to help her
family and break the cycle of ill health.
“As crazy as this might sound, I was in the kitchen making coffee and a
voice spoke and said ‘aromatherapy’. I was not sure whether my head
was playing games with me or what was going on, but that word stayed
with me,” she recalled. She started researching the topic, finding heaps
of information on its health benefits. One essential oil brand
continuously kept popping up - DoTERRA. She made contact with a
woman in the United Kingdom, but being the sceptic she’s been all her
life, Koen still wasn’t sure whether she should trust it.
But again, the voice clearly said ‘aromatherapy’, prompting her to take
the plunge and order her family’s own essential oil kit.
“The lady in the United Kingdom was so helpful and sent me so much
information on how to use and when to use the essential oils. She
added me to her training groups and so we started using essential oils
in our home.”
Three months passed until one evening it dawned on Koen and her
family that days and weeks had gone by without them seeing a doctor
or using antibiotics - and that they now barely used any medication, if at
“I realised the voice was God leading me and answering my prayer. He
was the voice that spoke to me.” Since the family started using essential
oils two years ago, they have not used antibiotics again, and have only
visited the doctor twice.
Before God led her, she had absolutely no idea about aromatherapy,
Koen admitted.
“I honestly have not heard about it before. I knew about essential oils
that people use in their homes to make it smell nice, but that was about

Helping people and their pets
As an avid animal lover, one of her first questions to her contact in
England was: “What about my animals, will they be okay?” as she did
not want to cause them any health issues, since her family was already
struggling with their own. Koen was put in contact with an essential oil
veterinarian in Texas in the United States to consult with regarding
animal aromatherapy - as she also uses DoTERRA essential oils for
“I saw an opportunity and a door was once again opened for me by
God. If these essential oils can have such a huge health benefit for us
as humans, just imagine how many pets can benefit from this!”
Being a very curious person by nature, Koen realised this was what she
wanted to do - to help people and their pets.
“I always dreamt of doing something special and something different
and suddenly my dreams were realised.”
Having worked for veterinary practices for quite a few years as an
assistant and nurse, she took a leap of faith and channelled all her
energy into animal aromatherapy.
Today, she is the only certified animal aromatherapy specialist in
Namibia, living her dream of doing something special and unique for the
country and all pet parents!
“God answered my prayers and still blesses me abundantly. I didn't
really have to do much research as one thing just led to another and
doors would just open. I took every opportunity possible and learnt as
much as God gave to me to learn.”
Koen enrolled at the Cambridge College of Holistic Health in early 2023
and obtained a certificate, making her an emotional aromatherapy
advisor for both humans and animals. She then enrolled with an
essential oil veterinarian overseas where she completed her Level 1
certification as an animal aromatherapy specialist. Currently, she is
enrolled for the Level 2 certification. She also completed courses
offered by DoTERRA as an aromatherapy specialist and business
Koen explained that the main aim of aromatherapy is to teach people
about its holistic health benefits, and that it is safe to use should you
want to support your emotional or physical health in a natural manner.
Therapeutic health support
According to Koen, when an animal receives alternative therapy, the pet
parent receives the same therapeutic health support, whether
emotionally or physically.
She recalled a case of a 13-year-old dog with skin tags whose parents
were advised by a vet, due to the animal’s age and for medical reasons,
not to have them surgically removed. Koen, on the other hand,
recommended an essential oil for topical application, which was applied
daily. Eight days later, all the skin tags dried up and fell off with no
scarring or regrowth during or after therapy.
She said she also assisted another dog who was diagnosed with an
autoimmune disease. With a diet change and essential oils used
internally, he is now thriving.
Then there was the parrot who was constantly screaming and hiding in
dark places, not letting anyone close to him. His diet was adjusted to be
species appropriate, while his owner started diffusing calming oils. A
week later, there is no more screaming and hiding, with the parrot
following the owner everywhere and letting himself be touched and
“These are some of the cases that will forever keep me humble and
grateful for the blessings received and the difference I was able to make
in the lives of pet parents and their pets,” she said.
When using essential oils in your home - regardless whether you have
animals or not - safety comes first, Koen said.
The oils must be certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) and
registered, and must contain a batch number and an expiry date.
DoTERRA’s pure therapeutic essential oils are safe to use for both
humans and animals. The oils should be diluted according to the pet’s
needs. “Different applications apply for essential oils and we make use
of three ways: Aromatically, internally and topically, depending on the
health status and sensitivity.”
As an animal aromatherapist, Koen does food therapy along with
aromatherapy. A basic toolkit will consist of oils to support the pet’s
immune, respiratory and digestive system, oils for anti-inflammatory,
analgesic, antioxidant, anti-fungal and antihistamine purposes, and
always a calming oil.
With essential oils freely available on the market, she emphasised the
importance of making sure they are safe to use for therapeutic purposes
and your animals.
“Not all oils are pure essential oils and this can have a detrimental
impact on both you and your pet’s health.”
Not only a last resort
She admitted that animal aromatherapy is still a very foreign concept of
health support when it comes to animals, especially because it is such a
unique method of alternative therapy and it is not something that has
been offered to pet parents in the past. Currently, Koen is - for many
clients - a last resort as their animals are just not responding the way
they would like them to respond to western medicine.
“People are, however, open to change and willing to try alternative
therapy for their pet and also for themselves. As an animal
aromatherapy specialist, I have been taught to provide complete health
support and not just symptomatically. I support the animal as a whole,
taking in consideration their diet, emotional as well as physical well-
being,” she said.
She would love to be able to help more pets and pet parents out there
and teach them about animal aromatherapy and food therapy, Koen
added. Opening a small practice in town would be such a blessing and I
would love to do public speaking on the topic so close to my heart.
“Tomorrow is not promised to us, but we can make a change today and
be the best we can be today for our loved ones and our pets.”
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