The invaluable gift of life

The elderly has a treasure chest of experiences and personal knowledge society should embrace and acknowledge.
Henriette Lamprecht
Henriette Lamprecht – Her first book titled On the Wings of Change and aptly described as sage wisdom shared, speaks of a life lived inquisitively. At the age of 84, she challenges the status quo relating to old age, and brings a new perspective to what it really means to live purposefully. Warm and endearingly kind, Jeanne loves many things, especially life itself.
“I love to see people’s faces and happy, shining eyes. You can say I get peeved off by long, inexpressive faces!”
She never thought she would ever write a book, she admits. But, with the encouragement of others, the message she received in her heart was so strong she realised “writing this book was the only way”.
“I wanted people to see that old age can be a joyful experience and not something to fear.”
She didn’t really have a particular reader in mind, says Jeanne. She just wanted people of all ages to realise the magnificent gift of life we have all been given and encourage others not to waste their lives on unproductive and negative thoughts.
“Thoughts are so important to me, as it was written in the Bible in Proverbs 23:7: 'For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he'."
Jeanne grew up on a farm in South Africa and moved to Namibia in 1969 - more than 50 years ago. She describes herself as fortunate to have six grandchildren and has many hobbies including music, reading, gardening, and any type of handicraft - but not cooking!
The time has arrived for society to become aware of the contribution the elderly can and want to make, says Jeanne.
“Yes, sometimes our bodies are not so healthy or active anymore, but we have a treasure chest of experiences and personal knowledge which could be of great value.”
She describes many of “our problems, habits and even illnesses” as "all in the mind" and considers her age a great privilege.
Retirement homes and villages are a wonderful solution if they can be used in an enjoyable and sociable way, says Jeanne, instead of a place where we must “sit it out” and wait for the end.
“Science proves to us today that our bodies are so magical that we have the power to heal ourselves. Again, the secret is our thinking. We are able to think healthily and not believe that we must be sick and die.”
The motto she lives by and embraces comes from the alternative medicine advocate Dr. Deepak Chopra and entails relinquishing the known and embracing the unknown.
We are experiencing the most exciting times of our world history, and I am very curious and excited to see the development of the “shift” on our planet, says Jeanne.
“I would like everyone on Earth to see life as the biggest gift one can receive and make the most of it.” – [email protected] On the Wings of Change is available at The Book Den.