The heart of healthcare

MBA in healthcare management
The healthcare industry has become the most rapidly growing sector and the largest employer globally.
Thus, healthcare management is a promising area of study and an expertise in demand, with great prospects for employment and career growth, says Dr Nivisha Parag, Head of the School of Healthcare Management at Regent Business School.
She said having the appropriate skills to make healthcare better, ultimately sets you up to make a difference in the lives and livelihoods of the population around you.
According to the Bureau of Labour statistics 2021, healthcare managers are ranked number 8 for all occupations in job growth potential, and given the desperate situation of Southern African healthcare, knowledgeable and decisive managers are needed to effect the necessary changes for improvement.
“A qualification in healthcare management will place you as a frontrunner in the industry, which currently seeks diverse talent to deal with the challenges and changes encountered.
“The MBA is generally considered the exemplar of business management education, and with an MBA in Healthcare Management, you become an in-demand, focused individual with a passion to drive healthcare forward.
“With the exponential growth and diversity in the healthcare industry, shifts to new models of care delivery and the constant regulatory pressures faced, managerial skills are in demand in hospitals, insurance companies, medical consulting companies, private practices, pharmaceuticals and medical technology, to name just a few employment opportunities,” said Dr Parag.
Regent Business School’s MBA in healthcare management programme comprises modules and teachings that develop not only general managerial competency but also those needed to be a bold and effective leader in the healthcare sector.
“Regent boasts a team of subject matter experts who are immersed in the healthcare industry, working and leading in their places of employment. This practical application of learnt theory gained by interacting with these individuals will set you up to be employable and confident as you embark on your own managerial goals.
“Furthermore, engagement with the healthcare community, including medical technology, funders, and facilities, provides the necessary practical insights to prepare you for your world of work,” said Dr Parag.
Naomi Muir, a retired radiographer, radiology manager, current practice manager, and holds an MBA, said: “Healthcare management focuses on healthcare leadership making positive change in a challenging clinical environment. The healthcare environment requires a leader who can administer inspirational guidance.”
Rob Wise, South African-born and trained intensive care leader, currently working as Deputy Clinical Lead, Oxford Critical Care, JR Hospital, UK said: “Studying healthcare management equips professionals with insight into the past, and provides a platform to understand current situations. Without these, it will be impossible to perform the next vital step - planning a better future for healthcare in South Africa.”
Vino Moodley, a hospital operations manager who holds an MBA said: “The healthcare management conundrum is where compassion intimidates commercialisation: private healthcare demands a constant strike of balance between profits and patients. We often are required to make business decisions to maximise profits. However, the heart-centred element is always the game changer for healthcare leadership.”
Elsa Benade, COO of a private healthcare group, said, “Healthcare, by its nature, attracts highly motivated and focused individuals. It is a decidedly complex and evolving space and a good fit for those who are forward-thinking and committed to lifelong learning. As a manager in healthcare, a sound knowledge of all areas relating to the industry is required. An MBA in healthcare management provides a solid base to ensure that managers can provide inspired and informed leadership and guidance in this industry. As healthcare professionals the underpinning of theory and practice assures success. On a personal level, embarking on a journey as exciting and challenging as this, the sense of accomplishment and personal enrichment is incredible.”