Alte Feste’s future: What are your thoughts?

Tanja Bause
People are currently being encouraged through social media to share their input with regard to the future of the Alte Feste in Windhoek.
The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, which is responsible for the building, is conducting the survey through its Directorate of Art, National Heritage and Cultural Programmes.
“The plan is to, with the input of the public, transform the building into a space that is accessible and to the benefit of all Namibians. The ministry is working to reuse the building and we want to hear from the public what they think is the best use thereof,” ministerial spokesperson Sem Shino said.
The concept of reuse usually means keeping its original historical features, but using the space for a different function. The concept is not new and all over the world numerous countries have converted spaces such as old factories, army bases or even old churches into museums, art and culture centres and/or parks.
The survey consists of six questions and should not take more than a minute to complete.
“The ministry has already done numerous small repairs and stabilized the building. We are also currently negotiating with partners and stakeholders to secure additional financial assistance. The ministry will also approach the private sector and development partners for funding. The government manages various projects and programs of national importance through various offices, ministers and agencies.
“Since we are all competing for financial support, all the projects cannot receive attention at the same time. The feedback from the survey is extremely important to determine the Alte Feste's way forward.
“The aim of the survey is to create ownership, promote sustainability and ensure the maintenance of the building. We encourage all Namibians to fill out the survey.”
Visit to participate in the survey. - [email protected]