City councillors summoned

Jemima Beukes
Erastus Uutoni, the minister of urban and rural development (MURD), has summoned City of Windhoek (CoW) councillors for an urgent caucus today, amidst bickering over positions on the management committee (MC) that has only three elected members - all occupied by Swapo councillors.
The MC is supposed to comprise five members, but since three members constitute a quorum, the presiding officer Magistrate Jozane Klazen, noted the election of the Swapo councillors as duly elected. However, this caused a furore amongst the Landless People’s Movement (LM), Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) and the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) - all who are against what they call "absolute power".
Uutoni yesterday confirmed that he is to sit down with the councillors but declined to comment on speculations that he is planning to dissolve the council amid growing tension.
“Let us just wait until we have had the meeting, then we can talk afterwards,” he said.
LPM councillor Ivan Skrywer said they will attend the meeting to hear what the minister has to say, however their position remains and they will not change their minds about their ideal composition of the MC.
“As far as we are concerned, our stance is that we are not in support of an MC that is run by one party. I know how difficult it is to be in an MC ruled by one party. Before you make a contribution, people are already going for a vote,” said Skrywer.
In the same vein, the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) wants the five CoW MC seats shared equally between all five political parties represented on the council.
IPC national general secretary Christine /Aochomus recently called for interventions to address the current deadlock, saying that this would ensure that each party that has been empowered by the electorate, is represented in the management committee.
“Consensus politics is vital for the prosperity and progress of the City of Windhoek. It is my conviction that by working together towards shared goals, rather than engaging in divisive battles, we can achieve far more for the residents of Windhoek,” she said.