Uncollected IDs stack up at ministry

Identity documents (IDs) that have not been collected and are accumulating, are causing headaches for the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Security and Security, and therefore applicants will again be reminded via SMS to collect them.
According to the ministry, a whopping 52 899 ID cards were not picked up by Namibians who applied for them, and are now piling up at the ministry’s offices.
Of the 114 345 ID cards issued in the 2021-22 financial year, only 61 455 were collected by applicants.
An SMS service in collaboration with MTC has been set up again to remind applicants via notifications to collect their IDs. They will receive an SMS when it has been approved and printed, and again when it is ready to be fetched.
The ministry’s executive director, Etienne Maritz, says applicants can pick their ID up at the office they indicated, or they can request that it be sent to the ministry's office in the region where the applicant lives.
He says that soon applicants will also be able to inquire about the progress of the application by means of a text message. This will also apply to other services of the ministry.
All Namibians are required by law to apply for an ID when they reach the age of 16, or when granted citizenship or permanent resident status.
Maritz also warns people to keep their birth certificates and IDs safe, as there is an increase in identity theft.
To apply for an ID, people must complete an application form along with a certified copy of their birth certificate, or a certified copy of their citizenship certificate (this applies to people born outside Namibia).