Capricorn extends helping hand to visually and hearing-impaired learners

'The most precious thing you can give people is your time'
The Khomasdal-based schools for the visually impaired and hearing impaired received a facelift and an array of donations for learners from Capricorn Group.
Michaiyla Hansen
Capricorn Group recently undertook an initiative to support the students of a school catering to the hearing and visually impaired in Khomasdal, Windhoek.
The group’s employees' compassionate endeavour not only involved providing essential supplies but also brought joy to the students through engaging activities.
“Capricorn Group's campaign is to give back to their communities,” said Yolandy Campher, an executive assistant at Capricorn Group.
The company facilitated the painting of the school, transforming dull areas into vibrant spaces. This not only enhanced the visual appeal of the environment but also created a more stimulating atmosphere for the students.
Marlize Horn, executive officer for the Capricorn Foundation, put emphasis on the company being a connector of positive change.
Capricorn Group also facilitated the laying of interlocking tiles around the school premises.
This gesture aimed to make the surroundings more accessible for visually impaired students, ensuring a safer and more navigable environment. The company's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility is commendable and aligns with the principles of creating spaces that cater to everyone.

Give your time
The heart of the initiative, however, lay in personalised engagement with learners.
“The most precious thing you can give people is your time,” said Horn.
Capricorn Group organised a day of games and activities designed to be inclusive for both hearing- and visually-impaired students.
The joy and laughter that echoed through the school were a testament to the success of this thoughtful event. From tactile games to interactive challenges, every activity was carefully curated to ensure the participation of every student, regardless of their abilities.
In addition to the physical transformations and recreational activities, Capricorn Group generously gifted toiletries and school supplies to the students.

Holistic help
This practical support goes a long way in easing the daily lives of these students, who often face unique challenges. The provision of essential items not only lightens the financial burden on the school but also demonstrates the company's commitment to addressing the holistic needs of the students.
The school's vice principal Bertha Mungunda underlined their gratitude for the initiative and what a difference it will make.
Capricorn Group's initiative serves as an inspiring example of how businesses can contribute positively to their communities. By combining physical renovations, recreational activities and the provision of essential supplies, the company created a comprehensive and impactful programme.
The initiative not only improved the infrastructure of the school but also uplifted the spirits of the students, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion.