Concordia College celebrates academic excellence

Prince Ndeunyema
Concordia College, a renowned institution for academic excellence, held an awe-inspiring award ceremony recently to honour exceptional candidates who demonstrated outstanding achievements in their respective fields of study. The event, which took place in the prestigious college auditorium, was an enchanting celebration of talent, hard work and dedication. The highlight of the ceremony was the presence of information minister Emma Theofelus, a distinguished member of parliament.
As the keynote speaker, she captivated the audience with her deeply inspiring words, sharing her personal journey as a learner and how she overcame challenges to become a shining example of academic success. Her motivational speech left a lasting impact on the learners, instilling in them a belief in their own potential for greatness.
The ceremony commenced with a grand procession, wherein the candidates who excelled in their respective academic pursuits were recognised and awarded. The deserving learners were presented with well-deserved trophies, medals and certificates, symbolising their exceptional accomplishments. Each award recipient stood as a testament to the dedication and perseverance required to reach such remarkable heights. Adding a touch of elegance and harmony to the occasion, the Concordia choir delivered a breathtaking performance that enchanted the audience. Their melodious voices resonated throughout the auditorium, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration.
One of the most prestigious awards of the day, the dux learner accolade, was bestowed upon Eliaser Ndamonoghenda, a former Concordian. Ndamonoghenda's outstanding academic achievements and commitment to excellence earned her this esteemed recognition. As a token of appreciation for her exceptional work, she was presented with a generous cash prize of N$1 500.
The success of the award ceremony would not have been possible without the generous support of the event sponsors. The Shikongo and Nambahu Foundation, Geanete Hamunyela and the Goethe-Institut Namibia played pivotal roles in making this event a resounding success. Their commitment to education and their belief in the potential of learners have greatly contributed to the advancement of academia at Concordia College.