Dr Lemmer celebrates academic excellence

Eileen Engelbrecht
The learners of Dr Lemmer High School struck academic gold at the annual merit awards, which were held on 18 March in the school hall.
The teachers wanted to showcase the best academic achievements for 2023 and show the appreciation they had towards the learners' hard work and perseverance towards their academic careers.
Guest speaker Elizaan Januarie, Dr Lemmer’s head girl of 2023, spoke about not giving up on yourself and your schoolwork as she encouraged the learners to work hard and never let their circumstances or the people around them at school influence their lives. She encouraged the learners of Dr Lemmer to aim to achieve bigger things in life.
The learners received medals, and some received academic colours and certificates as a ‘thank you’ for their hard work and their ‘not-giving-up attitude’.
One learner outshone almost the whole school. Grade 9 learner Leoton Beukes was declared as the dux learner and was rewarded with a cash prize and the honour of having his name engraved on the legendary badge of excellence.
Parents Mr and Mrs Mostert handed the prize over to Beukes.
Lastly, the vote of thanks was given by Ms L Gentz, one of the teachers. She thanked the sponsors for their generosity and how they helped the school with the prizes for the learners and how they made the day possible for all of us.
The learners felt encouraged to do better and those who did not have the opportunity to receive an award for this year decided to do better and work harder than ever before.